Grown by our family,

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At the Produce Patch, we have always held our fruits, vegetables and other products to the highest standards based on freshness, quality and convenience.

Not only do we strive to have those 3 qualities among our products but the exceptional customer experience that each person has each time they stop by one of our locations is unlike any farmers market in Indiana.

A passion to bring Fresh, Local Goods to the Community.


Amy and Marvin Holstine both come from strong agriculture backgrounds, leaving both of them with a strong desire to bring their passion for fresh and local goods to their community. In 1995 The Produce Patch sprung up its first location just outside of Washington Indiana on Hwy 50.

For over nearly 3 decades, The Produce Patch Farm Market has expanded into 6 seasonal locations across Southern Indiana.


Years in Business


Locations in Southern Indiana


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