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Beautiful Flowers

From high-quality annuals to exclusively designed hanging baskets and one of a kind containers, we strive to bring you the best, most beautiful flowers to bring joy and peace to your home.  

A Note from Amy

As part of my “why” flowers have brought a true sense of joy and peace to my life. I hear customers say all the time “I have a black thumb” or “I can’t keep anything alive” and it's my mission to help you feel confident in the garden so you too can have that flicker of joy when you pull into your driveway and enjoy the beauty you have created.

In my many years of growing flowers, I have killed a fair share of plants but I try not to see it as a failure but as learning. It's all a part of being a gardener and finding the flowers that work right for you. If your summers are busy like mine, then you know the true struggle of keeping things alive. I have put together a list of tried and true survivors (and thrivers) that make it in my garden each and every year!

Happy Growing!


Amy Holstine



Give her some sunlight and some water and she will change the way your flower bed looks forever. The best part about this plant is it will excel in being planted in the ground or it plays well with other flowers in a combination pot.

Amy loves the Royal Velvet Vista Petunia variety!


One of those plants you're grateful for when it's 95 degrees and you don’t feel like getting the hose out. It loves the HEAT! If you do have time to give it some water love in the summer it will bless you with endless blooms, the butterflies will thank you too!

Amy loves the Landmark Yellow Latana variety!


Endless color options and textures, these guys can bring your garden to the next level. I love mixing them into my flower containers or landscape because they are so easy going and happy with sun or shade. They don’t mind going dry either, they might seem like it but bounce back much stronger!

Amy loves the Kong Rose Coleus variety!


Adds such an elegant look to flower pots or where I love them best is in my window boxes. They can be picky about where they go but once you find the right amount of sunlight for them you will be happy to put them there year after year!

Amy loves the Wedgewood Blue (bicolor) Angelonia variety!


With the LARGEST color pallet selection that we carry, what’s not to love!! Callies (as we call them) are a true labor of love (at first) they need lots of sunlight and the right amount of water. But you won’t be able to get them to stop blooming even if you wanted to! Mine will grow beautifully all summer long up until the first frost!

Amy loves the Superbells Pink and Love Swept Calibrachoa varieties!

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Plant Care

Did you know we also offer a colorful selection of fall flowers and produce?


Selecting the right plants for your space has everything to do with light! You want to have plants getting the right amount of sun/shade for them to thrive.


One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to plant care is watering. Too much or too little can lead to real disasters.


Just like us, plants need food to live! Plants get their nutrients in several different ways, it might seem complicated but we promise you it’s not!


Correcting plants for bad behaviors is highly encouraged in the gardening world. Overgrown plants can really put a damper on things so don't be afraid to trim back anything getting too wild for your liking.

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High Quality Annuals

Single plants in 4” pots for you to design your own combos at home and in your landscape. We have a wide supply of annuals that range from every color of the rainbow with various sizes and textures. From sun to shade we have the best selection just for you!

Exclusively Designed Hanging Baskets

With over 200 different color combinations and sizes ranging between 10” - 16” we are destined to have the perfect basket for your home. Each combination has been perfectly paired together by Amy herself!

Makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

One of a Kind Containers

Make your home pop with a large selection of sizes and combos for sun and shade. These containers come blooming and ready to make your home shine!


We have a vast selection of easy to grow herbs for your own herb garden at home!

Custom Planted Containers for You

Your time is precious so sometimes it’s nice to ask for some help! Bring us your containers, give us some guidance about what you’d like to see or leave all of it to us and we will do all the dirty work! Call ahead or drop off your empty flower pots at any flower location, delivery may be included upon request!