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At The Produce Patch, our family is dedicated to bringing you exceptionally fresh, local, seasonal products that cultivate memorable experienced and promote a strong, healthy lifestyle.


Amy (Witten) has been growing and selling produce since she was old enough to pick her first strawberry (see picture)! She was born on a 3rd generation produce farm in Southeastern Ohio, called The Witten Farm (www.wittenfarm.com) growing and selling sweet corn, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and many other vegetables.  She grew up at her grandfather’s side learning all he knew about raising and selling produce during his 85 years in the business.  After graduating from Ohio State University with a degree in agriculture, she decided to venture away from the farm and began a career as a loan officer with Farm Credit Service in Washington, Indiana.


Marvin, on the other hand, was raised on a swine and row crop farm near Washington, Indiana.  Growing up he gained experience in planting and caring for the large family garden as well as helping with the livestock operation.  After graduating from Purdue University with the degree in agriculture, he returned home to manage an uncle’s swine operation.


Marvin and Amy were married in 1993. While Amy was working as a loan officer, her roots of produce farming and retailing beckoned.  


Amy and Marvin return to their roots as 3rd generation farmers by starting the first Produce Patch Farm Market. Founded on Hwy 50 just east of Washington Indiana, selling their homegrown fruits and vegetables like sweet corn, tomatoes, and watermelons.

1997 Time to Grow

With increasing demand and popularity The Produce Patch Expanded adding another location in Loogootee Indiana at a busy intersection on Hwy 231. The Holstine family also grew by welcoming their first child in 1996 Lucas.

2000 All In

Now with two children, the Holstines go all in and work full time growing the farm and The Produce Patch. Adding in another location in Washington on Hwy 57 near the Post Office makes for a total of 3 locations for The Produce Patch

2003 Growing Flowers

Following in her grandma's footsteps, Amy loved growing beautiful flowers and being able to share that with others. Opening their first location to sell flowers in Washington in the spring and summer.

2006 Ace's High

What is considered “the best sweet corn you’ll ever eat.” A sweet corn variety that is grown exclusively by The Produce Patch. The name, Ace’s High, was given by Marvin Holstine when we knew he had discovered one of the best sweet corn varieties ever.

2008 Red & White Stripes

“We spread our wings and jumped” expanding into Jasper Indiana with flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Jasper's location was the first “wagon” market and a smashing success with many learning curves.

2010 Red Shirt Dream

The famous Red Shirt that all Patch team members wear is a badge of honor. Especially when it is covered in mud from dumping all the bags of sweet corn.

2012 Tomato Heaven

Tomatoes are one of the most profitable crops on the farm, so it only makes sense to extend its season even further. The Produce Patch invested in the use of high tunnels as a way to start plants in the ground at an earlier date, when it is still cold outside. The high tunnels allow us to protect plants from diseases and allocate appropriate amounts of water and fertilizer to grow happier and healthier plants.

2015 Lucas' Impact

After his first year of college, Lucas Holstine wanted to get out of picking sweet corn so he started a new Patch location in Newburgh, Indiana in the parking lot of B-Fit Parking lot (Formally Bob’s Gym). This was not an easy task and further from the farm than any other patch location. He was determined and the community was wildly accepting of us being a small farm at their convenience.

2019 Big Things

Amy Holstine established her executive team at the now 6 Produce Patch locations. As The Patch grew Amy realized she needed a core group who she could count on to help manage the rapidly growing business. Also opening a new location in Vincennes Indiana to make for an exciting 6th market!

2020 Abby's Return

After graduating from Purdue University with a bachelor's in Agribusiness management Abby was determined to return to the family business. But not without experience off the farm. Her 3 years spent at Amy’s family's farm in Ohio (Witten Farm Market) made her feel excited and eager to return home to fulfill her dream. Not to mention a quick pit stop at the Chapple, the family grew again by welcoming a son-in-law, Ben Slone!

2023 New Horizons

Many new things are in the works as we approach our 29th year in business. Saying goodbye to our first location on Hwy 50 and hello to a new spot in Evansville. Adding a new product line of jam and salsa at all locations, growing cut flowers for fresh bouquets, and relocating the Newburgh wagon. You never know what The Patch will be up to next…


Looking forward to

three decades of fruits, veggies and family farming.


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Sustainable Practices

Minimal tillage and cover crops preserve soil health and prevent erosion.

Non-GMO Vegetables

While safe, we prioritize non-GMO production.

Food Safety Certified

USDA GAP Certified with rigorous standards from field to packing.

Assurance of Safety

When you choose The Produce Patch, you choose safe, responsibly grown produce.

Our Values

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Growing People

We develop future leaders by inspiring, educating, challenging, and empowering our team.



We take full responsibility for everything in our world, blaming no one else.


Positive Energy

We are enthusiastic, and intentionally create a fun atmosphere by bringing a great attitude to work each day.



We embrace the task at hand by working hard together to accomplish our shared purpose.


Amazing Service

We strive to build strong relationships with our team and our customers by going the extra mile in all we do.