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Come Alive with Color

Beginning in mid-September, three of our farm markets turn beautiful shades of orange, gold, burgundy and red with the arrival of autumn. 

Our markets are packed full of mums, pumpkins and new fall produce, you can find everything you need to decorate your home for the season and fill your dinner table with autumn dishes.

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Mum Care

Looking for more flowers?


Mums drink a lot of water! Check everyday, if the soil is dry to the touch then give them a drink, around a gallon per mum.


Bring it back to life! If the mum is wilted, set it in a tray that holds water and allow your mum to absorb water for about an hour. This will guarantee it gets completely soaked up.


Want your mums to come back next year? Get your mums planted in the ground early! Preferably before the end of September. This will give the plant enough time to establish roots in the soil and give it a good chance of coming back next fall!  Don't forget to still water regularly! Bonus Tip: Water with a root stimulating fertilizer will help! 


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All you can carry
PumPkin Day

Each fall we test the limits to find out how many pumpkins one person can carry in their arms. No pumpkins are off limits, and you can work together as a team to help place in the arms of the one doing the carrying!

Kids 10 years and younger can join the fun with all you can carry gourds!

Bring a friend and your smiles -  we will be taking lots of pics!

Be sure to tag us in your pictures as well!

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