Market Delivery Person

Reports to
Vice President of Retail

Job Description

Assist with loading flowers and produce at the farm for safe, timely delivery to Produce Patch Markets. Pick up produce from other sources as needed. Bring boxes, garbage, etc home from market and unload in proper location.  Fill trucks with gas, wash trucks and trailers and make sure all are serviced as needed.  Any other duties as needed to help facilitate smooth market operations.



Performance Expectation  #1 – Assist with Loading and Deliver to Market
  • Prepare trucks and load product for markets
  • Safe and timely delivery of product to markets

Performance Expectation #2- Unload Product at Market
  • All inventory filled up and melons rotated and stacked correctly
  • Make sure Corn is rotated correctly
  • Maintain professional and sales oriented attitude with customers
  • Do not leave market until market employees are fully caught up
  • Make sure truck is full of gas and truck maintained on appropriate schedule
Performance Expectation #3 - Pick up Produce and Return and Unload at Farm
  • Pick up produce from other farms to bring back to shed as necessary
  • Use proper rotation procedures when unloading purchased produce at shed
  • Unload empty boxes/debris in designated location
  • Clean out truck, wash out tubs, sweep trailers and ready truck and trailer for the next day