Market Manager

Reports to
Regional Manager

Job Description

The Market Manager will be the Leader among the Salespeople at each market by aligning with and being an example of the Produce Patch Mission and Core Values. They are the GO-TO person at their market for answering team member questions and dealing with issues that arise. This person will take the lead in screening and hiring and training new employees. This person will be responsible for building a strong sense of “family” among the market team members. This person will lead by example by demonstrating a high level of all Market Salesperson duties.



Performance Expectation #1 - Responsible for building a strong market team.
  • Conduct phone screen on all applicants
  • Schedule and conduct interviews with Amy, Nancy or another Team Member
  • Manage training for new employees
  • Provide positive feedback to the team daily
  • Provide the team with “in-the-moment” feedback regarding challenges they may be having
  • Communicate with Regional Manager about any team issues at market
  • Lead by example all Salesperson duties
Performance Expectation #2 -  Facilitate excellent team communication
  • You are the GO-TO person for your market.  For questions, problems and anything else your team members need
  • Be available and on-call to your team.  Pop-in to check on the market and the team occasionally when not scheduled.
  • Be aware of times when there might be gaps in schedule and when mkt might need extra help
  • Work an average of 5 shifts per week during June1- approx Aug15 (Not including vacation) .  Work at least 3 shifts/week Aug 15- Close
  • Do everything possible to help your team do their job well
  • Make sure proper communication is occuring between shifts about price changes, orders, product availability, etc
  • Use GroupMe to build a strong sense of “family” amongst your team and to have superior communication amongst team
  • Communicate with Regional Manager at least one time during each shift worked
  • Hold at least 2 meetings during the season.  June/July.  Plan an end-of-summer celebration party for just your market team
Performance Expectation #3 - Assist Regional Manager with Day-to-Day operations
  • Troubleshoot Cash Register Problems
  • Pick up and organize deposit paperwork and send to farm 1 time per week
  • Oversee market appearance, organization and displays
  • Responsible for purchasing/ordering supplies and keeping them organized.  Wash rags and towels and basket/tray liners as needed
  • Responsible for extra change fund
  • Manage customer complaints and inform Regional Manager of problems
  • Responsible for Marquee sign getting changed on a weekly basis and keeping a
    log-book of the sign messages
  • Responsible for overseeing special orders and making phone calls to customers about product availability